Length: 16.81 miles

Minimum Height:   10 metres

Maximum Height:   28 metres

Height ascended:   55 metres 

Pubs: 7     "Elm Tree", "London Tavern", "Alice Lisle", "Inn  on the Furlong", "The Lamb", The New Queen", "Avon Causeway" (optional)

Ride report to follow.......



This ride was cancelled due to a rather large drop of the powdery white stuff the day before......


Riders: 10   Neil Foss, Roy George, Chris Gilbert-Norton, Graham Rendell, Graham Seage, Steve Shephard, Dave Simon, Michael Simon, Christopher Sutton, Duncan Thurston,

Weather: cloudy, 8 degrees

Length: 24.96 miles planned, 21.55 miles (actual)

OS Landranger maps: Outdoor Leisure OL22: New Forest  

Actual Riding Time:  2 hours 19 minutes

Maximum speed: 35 mph

Average speed: 9.2 mph

Minimum Height:   36 metres (Linford Bottom)

Maximum Height:   105 metres (Canadian memorial, Bolderwood)

Height ascended:   488 metres 

Pub: "Queens Head", Burley

Ride report to follow.....


Riders: 3 (!)  Chris Gilbert-Norton, Dave Simon, Michael Simon

Weather: sunny, hardly any wind, 15 degrees (ideal riding weather!)

Length: 15.17 miles

OS Landranger maps: OS Map Explorer 117  Cerne Abbas & Bere Regis  

Actual Riding Time:  2 hours 14 minutes

Maximum speed: 34 mph

Minimum Height:   41 metres (Abbotsbury)

Maximum Height:   240 metres (Hardys monument)

Height ascended:   824 metres 

Pub: "Brewers Arms, Martinstown"

Ride report to follow.....


OS Maps: OS Map Explorer OL29  Isle of Wight

Length of Ride:  22 miles

Minimum height:   0 metres (Yarmouth ferry)

Maximum height:  207 metres (Gallibury Hump)

Height ascended:  696 metres 

Pub: "The Bugle", Yarmouth

ride report to follow.....


Riders: 10  Dean Robinson, Phil Brunyee, Campbell Field, Roy George, Chris Gilbert-Norton, Tony Holmes, Graham Rendell, Graham Seage, Chris Sutton, Matthew Whicher

OS Maps: OS Map Explorer 131 Romsey Andover & Test Valley  or  OS Landranger 184 Salisbury & the Plain, Amesbury

Length of Ride:  18.45 miles

Actual Riding Time: 2 hours 14 minutes

Minimum Height:  49 metres (Broughton)

Maximum Height:  141 metres (Broughton Down)

Height ascended: 528 metres  

Pub: The "Silver Plough" inn (OS map ref: SU 212 312) in Pitton, Wiltshire at 9am.

Ride report to follow...............


Ride report and photos to follow from Graham Rendell...


At 05:30hrs on a cloudy Sunday morning 23 riders amassed in the PGDT car park. on what was to prove to be a very long and tiring day. The mission was to complete the 54 mile  cycle ride from London to Brighton to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Our group was made up of  PGDT employees, family and friends. The coach turned up on time and 20 mins later all the bikes were stowed in the luggage compartment and we were on our way to the start at Clapham Common.


Once in London bikes were hastily off loaded and assembled with military precision and the group headed off for the start line at 08:30hrs. Organising 27,000 cyclists riding through the London suburbs is quite a feat and so the first 10 miles were the usual stop / start mayhem. Having ridden before we knew how difficult it is to spot your mates so quite a few of the riders had opted for a large England flag mounted on top of their helmet except for El Presidente Gilbey who sported a large multi coloured feather duster on his. This certainly helped us spot each other during the more congested sections. The group gradually split up as everyone settled into their own natural pace. Some got their heads down and raced on to Brighton whilst others stopped off for a leisurely lunch in The Crown at Turners Hill and soaked up the  atmosphere of what must be one of the biggest festivals of cycling in the UK.


With riders now refuelled the second half flew by until the spectre of Ditchling Beacon could be seen in the distance. Unfortunately a rider had  collapsed on the hill and a solid jam of cyclists tailed back for 3 miles whilst the Air ambulance was called in to airlift the poor individual to hospital. Good organisation saw the jam clear relatively smoothly and the slog up Ditchling began, some opting to abandon pedal power and walk and others grinding away in the granny ring, sunshine blaring down on them, until the top was reached. The views were stunning from the top and with a tailwind too the last few miles down into Brighton were more of a test of the brakes than fitness levels. The meeting point was the Sussex Cricketer public house for a celebratory pint or two and slowly the group re-assembled.


Mobile phones were called into action to check progress of the later finishers and bikes were loaded ready for us to drive back down to the seafront in time for us to pick up Abi after the finish line and head for home. Many thanks to Shirley from Shoreline coaches who did a brilliant job getting us there and back and for looking after the bikes whilst we were all in the pub. Congratulations to London to Brighton star Colin Bugden for inspiring us all at the ripe old age of 65 and also to the real hero of the day Abi Walker who completed her first ride and then kept apologising for being the last finisher of the group. Let me tell you , there were an awful lot of bikes still coming in long after she had finished !



Ride report and photos to follow...

Riders: 14  Gary Biles, Campbell Field, Simon Ganderton, Roy George, Steve King, Dave Mullard, Graham Rendell, Graham Seage, Dave Simon, Michael Simon, Eddie Summers, Christopher "Sutts" Sutton, Duncan Thurston, Paul Wilson. 


OS Maps: OS Maps: Landranger 195 Bournemouth & Purbeck or Explorer 118 Shaftesbury & Cranborne Chase, Poole, Wimborne & Blandford Forum

Weather: ??

Length of Ride:  ??

Actual riding time: ??

Maximum speed: ??


Average speed: ??

Minimum Height:  43 metres (Smugglers Lane, (A350)


Maximum Height:  214 metres (Sutton Hill)

Height ascended: 825 metres  

Pub: The "Anvil" inn (OS map ref: ST 906 092) in Pimperne, Dorset at 9am.


Ride report and photos to follow...

Riders : 9   Simon Ganderton, Roy George, Chris Gilbert-Norton, Dave Mullard, Graham Seage, Dave Simon, Michael Simon, Christopher "Sutts" Sutton, Duncan Thurston.

OS Maps:  OL22 (Orange cover) New Forest   or   Landranger 184 (Pink cover) Salisbury & The Plain, Amesbury  

Weather:  18 degrees, sunny

Length: 21.83 miles 

Actual riding time: 2 hour, 18 minutes

Maximum speed: 28 mph

Average speed: 9.4 mph

Minimum Height:  42 metres (Upper Street)

Maximum Height:  161 metres (Faulstone Down)

Height ascended: 519 metres  

Pub:  "Rose & Thistle", Rockbourne

Ride report to follow



Riders : 10   Roy George, Chris Gilbert-Norton, Dave Mullard, Graham Rendell, Graham Seage, Dave Simon, Michael Simon, Martin Sissons, Christopher "Sutts" Sutton, Duncan Thurston.

OS Maps: OS Map Explorer 118 Shaftesbury & Cranborne Chase or Landranger 195 Bournemouth & Purbeck, Wimborne Minster & Ringwood 

Weather:  12 degrees, sunny

Length: 20.62 miles 

Actual riding time: 2 hour, 31 minutes


Maximum speed: 34 mph

Average speed: 8.1 mph

Minimum height:  46 metre (Wimborne St Giles)

Maximum height: 113 metres (Launceston Down)

Height ascended: 416 metres

Pub:  "Bull", Wimborne St Giles 


A lovely sunny morning greeted the 10 riders who turned up at the hamlet of Wimborne St Giles to attempt to ride the full route. We tried a few years back but had to cut it short, due to time marching on and eating into valuable drinking time in the "Bull". Would this ride be better. Well, after passing All Hallows Farm, the gravel track became extremely claggy, almost seemed like the farmer had ploughed the track, and it was a real effort to ride up onto Tenantry Down, where thankfully the paths dried out a bit, after the recent heavy rains. A fast descent down a chalky path after the Long Barrows on Gussage Hill, down to meet the busy A354. A fast crossing by all onto the tarmac farm track up to Chapel Down Farm. Then a muddy section up to the B3081 which we joined briefly turning off at the hamlet of Woodcutts. Onto a great bit of singletrck through the trees emerging at the ford at Minchington. As Gilbey misread the access in the event of flooding signs, we all ended up lugging the bikes over a locked farm gate. A climb out of the village across fields then a downhill into Chettle village, where we stopped whilst Graham Seage fixed a puncture. Gave Gilbey an excuse to check out the small but well shopped village stores, housed in a corrugated iron shack, but they did have Mars bars!!

Dave Mullard whiled away the minutes outside the shop, getting into conversation with the curator of Chettle House, a rather eccentric character who seemed to be a jack of all trades in the village, including village clock and watch repairer and knew everyone who stopped at the stores. He did mention that he had a mountain bike, it being a good one as "it was a yellow one" like Sutt's!!!   Once Graham was moving again it was on past Chettle House, then the windy slog up onto Tarrant Hinton Down. Four deer were startled by the group and proceeded to do a big loop of the field we were cycling through. We struggled up another gloopy track up to Hyde Hill Plantation, where we decided to stop for a break to sample fig rolls, malt loaf and garibaldi biscuits. We then passed a huge pig enclosure complete with loads of different coloured piglets everywhere. At this point it was agreed that we would have to trim the ride somewhat again as time was marching on, so a revised route through Chetterwood and then Manswood, where we mislaid "Sutts" for a short time, then onto the tarmac for a sprint back to the "Bull" by way of Cockroad Farm, Moor Crichel and Amen Corner, where we all said our prayers, and hoped the pub doors would be open to receive us for Sunday worship.........it was, but the "Bull" has had a poncy foodie makeover and lost all the previous visits charm and cosiness, so don't think the "Wobblywheelers" will be rushing back to this hostelry too soon.....but the ale was ok, and the garden is pleasant enough.......




Riders : 8   Gary Biles, Roy George, Chris Gilbert-Norton, Steve King, Graham Rendell, Graham Seage, Eddie Summers, Christopher "Sutts" Sutton, 

OS Maps: Explorer (Orange)  OL15: Purbeck & South Dorset, Landranger (Pink) 194: Dorchester & Weymouth   

Weather:  8 degrees, SW breeze

Length: 21.09 miles 

Actual riding time: 2 hour, 32 minutes

Maximum speed: 33.5 mph

Average speed: 8.2 mph

Minimum height:  1 metre (Causeway)

Maximum height: 133 metres (HM Prison, The Verne)

Height ascended: 944 metres

Pub:  "Red Lion", Hope Square, Weymouth 


Assembling in the squash club car park, we had to wait for Gary who'd had a few problems with a flat tube...more was to come.....so we set off along the newly resurfaced path along the course of the old railway line out towards Portland, joining the road again at Chesil Beach. A dash along the causeway to the marina, where more building work is evident in preparation for the Olympics in 2012 at Portland Harbour. There was a posh new cafe which provided shelter for the group whilst Gary fixed his puncture again, a hawthorn being the culprit. Up the steep (and slippery track) between the old naval buildings, up to the grassy slopes around the Verne prison. We decided to do an anti clockwise route, so we headed west passing the hotel to a quarry, where Roy nearly went over the bars during a particularly steep descent into a quarry. Then along the west side of the Isle which provided dramatic and steep cliifs to pass along, very heart stopping in places. Then we passed a wreath of flowers, to someone who went over the steep cliffs, so extra care needed along this section!!


At Portland Bill, we stopped for a bite to eat, plenty of "twitchers" present, presumably waiting for the elusive blue and white striped Verne Jailbird to be sighted. We passed along the east side of the Isle now, out of the wind and it was actually pleasantly warm, which led to some shedding of outer garments. At the borstal, Ed suggested that we drop down onto the old railway line some 200 metres below, most enjoying this section of steep singletrack, apart from Roy who said something along the lines of "I'm never coming down that f****G path ever again, I didn't like that" This might have been due to lack of front suspension and weak V brakes, leading to an interesting descent for him!!  We passed a group of rock climbers climbing the sheer cliff faces at Penn's Weare along the old trackbed on the way back up to the road, near Easton. We cycled through the village, then a shortcut was suggested and "reccied" through a churchyard, between Weston & Easton, which led to all of us passing the bikes over the church wall, then a short cut through a quarry, emerging back on the track on the West side of the Isle at West Cliff above West Weare. From here a fast road descent, through Fortuneswell, then a fast sprint across the causeway to rerace our way along the old railway route, then a detour through the streets of Rodwell to emerge at the "Red Lion" in Hope Square for a few glasses of foaming ale.





Riders : 8   Phil "C.A.S" Brunyee, Neil Foss, Roy "C.A.S" George, Chris Gilbert-Norton, Graham Seage, Dave Simon, Michael Simon, Martin Sissons. 

Weather:  Sunny, light breeze, 8 degrees

OS Maps: Explorer (Orange)  OL15: Purbeck & South Dorset

Length:  17.72 miles

Actual riding time: 2 hour, 35 minutes


Maximum speed: 33.0 mph

Average speed: 6.8 mph

Minimum Height: 15 metres 

Maximum Height: 204 metres (Swyre Head)

Height Ascended: 801 metres

Pub: "Fox", Corfe Castle


The day turned out to be a bright and sunny, not too cold for a January ride. Three of us assembled outside the "Greyhound" in the village square, cussing the lack of interest and support for a January ride, then had a phone call saying that the other five riders were waiting in the car park just outside the village centre! After meeting up, there were a few faces that haven't been for some time, Michael Simon on his first ride since snapping his anterior cruciate ligament last Easter jumping from an out of control Gas Gas 280cc trials bike (his first experience riding a motorbike!).He landed like a cat but unfortunately his leg twisted on a large rock.The bike lay steaming in a stream with a petrol leak flowing downstream and michael beside it..............He also has a new Specialized Rockhopper to try out, after borrowing a spare from Graham Rendell for a lot of his previous rides. Phil Brunyee an old primary school mate of Gilbey's turned up to see what all the fuss was about. We set off across Corfe Common down to Blashenwell Farm for the rocky climb to Kingston. Onwards for the slippery climb out to Swire Head, where the group were rewarded with excellent clear views across the bay towards Portland. The ride along the ridge to meet the tarmac road at Steeple was less mudddy than expected, given the previous days heavy rains. However the track leading down to the Steeple Leaze Farm was very rocky, muddy and therefore slippery, so a couple of offenders were seen to get off and push the last section. Roy was struggling as his forks are completely shot and there is very little suspension left, oil seals and lack of oil seeming to be the culprits. After most mastering the very steep BW up onto the main ridge, we stopped for a breather at Grange Arch where some of the more adventurous (Roy Michael and Phil decided to climb up on to the arch. Scaling the walls Roy and Phil looked less SAS (Special Air Service) and more CAS (Chubby Air Service). Phil picked up a flat coming down Ridgeway Hill and luckily for him we carried a puncture kit. However as his Cube is a recent purchase, he couldn't get the valve out of the rim and we ended up snapping it off with pliers to get the tube out  Woops! Again, luckily for Phil a spare high pressure tube was offered to get him going agfain. When we'd cycled back along the ridge to West Hill at Corfe, half the group retired to the "Fox" to keep the seats warm in the beer garden whilst Gilbey, Roy, Michael and Phil carried on to do another loop up onto the opposite ridge as far as Brenscombe Hill where after helping a female MTB'r get her wheel back into her calipers (ooh err Missus!) they dropped down off the ridge into Rempstone, passing Rempstone Farm, where they slipped along the very wet and muddy old tramway trail, emerging back onto the tarmac at Bushey. We joined the others OUTSIDE in the beer garden at the "Fox" where it was very sunny and dare I say it even springlike in temperature, it certainly didn't feel like a January day. The chickens in the garden seemed to have a taste for Martin and Daves beers (see photo above).. a great ride to kick off 2010.