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March 2013 ride details added to Next ride and Ride Dates page. Numerous 2012 ride photos added to Ride Reports 2012 page

I plan to do a run of "Wobblies" t-shirts in the "Coolmax" type material, suitable for using whilst riding, as opposed to the normal cotton type, which are really pub shirts.  These will work out at around £8.50 each, let me know if you are interested in getting one. 

My contact e-mail is now:



I have commissioned a new run of "Wobblywheelers" Gildan brand (No.1 selling T-shirt in USA)  T-shirts, these will be available in Prarie Dust colour, £11 each, contact me with size & qty required, S (34-36"), M (38-40"), L (42-44"), XL (46-48"), 2XL (50-52"). I do have some S to 2XL available for people to try on, I will bring these on future rides or contact me.


Show your "Wobbly Wheelers" membership card at "Primera Sport" cycle shop at 244 Charminster Road, Bournemouth (01202 775588) and get 10% discount (excluding new bikes!).



"Beast" spotted in North Wales woods, October 2008

Dave Simon concentrating, Coed-y-brenin, 2008


Many thanks for sponsoring us to for the London to Brighton cycle ride, I have now finished tallying the total sponsorship we raised and it is ............ £1784 !..........a very creditable total, well done for all your support and congratulations to the riders involved.

An Acorn of Achievement was awarded to young Michael Simon who was top fund raiser with a whopping £361 ! Well done Michael.

Also worthy of a special mention are Theresa , Colin, Dael and Gilbey, all managing to individually raise over £150 each.

Please see the team page for more detail .


Graham (Rendell)

Look closely, I'm sure that's Richard Gears at the rear PUSHING!!!!!!!!!


"New Forest swings hold Roy's weight shocker"......


The IOW News

Monday 10th September 2007

PHEW,What a Stinker!!

"Subtle Sutts" shameful seaside shenanigans sends Tsunami shockwaves from Shanklin to Sandown

In an unprecedented lack of couth and moral fibre the wobblie's largest wheeler shocked Yarmouth yesterday after what had been an otherwise exemplorary display of courteous offshore mountain biking.

After a glorious 22mile trek the Wobblie’s were enjoying a relaxing beverage in the "Kings Head" in Quay Street, when one of their team relaxed a little too much!........... The incident was followed by several minutes of stunned silence until "Wooden Willcocks" finally cracked "Blimey Sutts, I think you’ve just shivered me timbers!" he exclaimed.

Diners in the courtyard looked equally disturbed. One poor Nureyev look-a-like had his eyebrows blown clean off in the blast!

Unapologetic, Sutts explained his predicament,….. "Every time we stop they try to cram food in my face…………potatoes, date block , malt loaf, fig rolls, bananas ……………I mean…..look at me, do I really look like I’m wasting away??? ...…………..In the end something’s got to give and a pint of YSD at 5.5% was the catalyst that caused the whole unfortunate reaction……….I thought I’d get away with it if I was sly and lifted one cheek but even I wasn’t prepared for that!".

El-Presidente Chris Gilbert-Norton (usually keen to defend the rights of MTBers to mix with the general public) was shocked and sloped off furtively pretending to fix punctures and take pictures until the fuss had calmed down.

Technical consultant "GT" Mullard was baffled….. "I’d been checking the barometric pressure periodically throughout the day but I never predicted that!" he continued "when I checked the gauge during the aftermath the glass was bulging!"

In the ensuing Vortex that would follow , a triple mast windjammer was swept onto rocks off Yarmouth and Freshwater residents were quick to see the potential damage to the tourist industry, promptly issuing a statement pointing out that the village name referred only to water quality and did not in any way imply the purity of the air!

Distraught Landlord of the unfortunate pub had the final reflective words of wisdom……. "When they arrived I told them I needed to shut the gates ………the only mistake I made was when I locked them in and not OUT!".


Gilbey & Dave trying out the tiny "Santa Cruz", "Avon Causeway", June 2007

Quentin Hill spotted this out of a window in Southern China in May 2007.........

How much do you love your bike........................!!!

South Gorley, New Forest, Hants

"Echo" features the "Wobblies" London to Brighton efforts........

This article appeared in the "Echo" on Tuesday 20th June, a few days after the ride. A few souls were still walking a bit funny at work then.................a big thanks to PG Drives Technology for funding the transport from Christchurch to London & back from Brighton after the ride. Made the day a lot less stressful. 

Previously in June 2003 the "Wobbly Wheelers" raised £484.08 for the British Heart Foundation on the London to Brighton run.  The intrepid L2B team consisted of Richard Gears, Chris Gilbert-Norton (Gilbey), Dave Mullard, Dan Rees & Graham Rendell.


After the mediocre success of the black long sleeve WWC t-shirts which were not as long in the sleeves as originally expected, we are looking to do another run of short sleeved t-shirts, returning to the dark WWC logo on a light background t-shirt. Any takers for the new run.....e-mail me at with sizes and colour combination suggestions.  

Sizes are: S (36") M (38") L (40") XL (42/44") XXL  (46") XXXL (50/52")

Approximate prices are: Short Sleeve £8.50 per shirt, Long Sleeve £9.00 per shirt


Well done to Mark Ankers, Dev Bannerjee, Tom Bebeniec, Carl Bradley, Colin Bugden, Andy Craig, Richard Gears, Chris Gilbert Norton, Tony Golding, Quentin Hill, Freddie McPherson, Dave & Karen Mullard, Graham Rendell, Mel Reynolds, Pete Robinson, Graham Seage, Dave Simon, Martin Sissons & Daughter & Chris “Sutts” Sutton.   Watch out they'll be tapping you all up for sponsor money soon.......


All of the 21 "Wobblies" completed the London to Brighton, in hot temperatures and overcast (at times) skies, despite delays caused by other riders in the 26,000 strong group falling off in front of us!! There will be a ride report to follow, but for now we'll just say it was a great turnout for a great cause. The cool cans of Stella and food provided by Theresa, Young Joo & Q's Ma after the finish on Hove Lawns was well received....

"Hovis Boy" where are you now.........


Coed-y-Brenin, North Wales, September 2003

"Carpenters Arms, Bransgore, Hants, Xmas 2004

"Ice Cold in Eastbourne"

"Wobblies" seen in "Square & Compass" pub shocker.....

"Fred Pontin" seen on London-Brighton ride, 2003

"Smithy" getting intimate with a tube on "Cain" on the MBR

Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor


Dave Mullard "starred" in the 2CR Breakfast show with Graham Mack & Richie in November 2005. He "gatecrashed" an outdoor broadcast at Fairmile in Christchurch, whilst cycling to work. Dave did get a plug in for the "Wobblies" and mentioned the website address, but only after the presenters had ridiculed Dave for turning up in tight lycra, indeed Dave's arrival on the scene was greeted with the words "an alien from planet Zog has just turned up" going out live over the airwaves!!