Andy "Pinocchio" Willcocks, after a rather dark "over the bars" on the Purbecks on the descent to "Old Harry Rocks", April 2009

Sutts and some nice bruising after coming a cropper at Coed-Y-Brenin, October 2008


Lewis Kerley trying out 1800 of Specialized along the Isle of Portland, January 2008

Steve "ten chins" Shephard, after coming a cropper at the start of the "Penhydd" trail at Afan Argoed, South Wales, October 2007

Geoff Phillips, nr Ripley, "Summer Solstice" June 2007

bit too fast around the bend, after a few beers!!

Andy Kerley, Ebbesbourne Wake, April 2007

SPuD's revenge!!!

Anonymous (!!), on the "Summer Solstice" pub crawl, Ringwood, July 2006

Roy George, on the Fritham loop in the New Forest cycling with the "Big Boys", June 2006 after (not!) wheeling over "Loggo's Trench


Richard Gears, on the Ox Drove, Wiltshire, May 2004, after trying to jump the rutted track

Andy "Pinocchio" Willcocks comes to grief on slippery chalk & flint track (ouch!) near Amberley, Sussex, on the two day, "South Downs Way ride", September 2004


Dave "can you smell something" Mullard after his collision with a cowpat or two on the "Knitson Jam Jars" ride, Purbecks, August 2004

Mr Rendell in July 2003 enjoying the  hidden rocks in a cornfield near Milton Abbas ......

And all that rolling around, blubbing for this.......!!